Tree Pruning

Fast and Assured Tree Pruning

Call in the professionals when you need to trim your trees. Tree pruning services from Gardeners Eltham include an on-the-spot meeting with your team of professional gardeners. You’ll be able to talk about what you need with an expert personally…

And then all trimming is safely delivered using the latest safety equipment and under full insurance cover – perfect for any tree, on any domestic or commercial property.

Use Our Tree Pruning Services To Get:

  • An onsite meeting with your team of two professional gardeners so you can discuss your plans
  • A single tree pruning service ideal for all types of trees in all locations
  • Full insurance protection while your expert tree trimming team are working
  • Phone support provided around the clock, so contact us whenever you need to
  • Seven day a week availability, for your convenience
  • A direct quote on the work you need, confirmed after your onsite visit
  • 120 litres of waste removed for free, simply as part of your service

What Your Appointment Includes

Your tree pruning services can be set up to care for any tree up to twelve feet in height. Other domestic and business clients who’ve used us to trim their trees have done so in order to get:

  • Trees to stay within the borders of their garden
  • Trees to grow more healthily, or in a certain shape
  • More fruit or flowers on a tree

All you need to do is let us know precisely what you need when you call to book.

A major requirement of using us for tree trimming is to ensure that we have permission to treat the tree in question. If the tree is not on your property, please ensure that you have consulted the owner first before booking your service.
Remember – we also offer services such as tree removal and garden clearance, which you can book at the same time for significant discounts!