Weeding & Pruning

Weeding and Pruning Services Perfect For All Gardens

Get some light attention for all of your flower beds, or order more significant cutting back work, with our weeding and pruning services. Gardeners Eltham makes caring for your garden simple.
These are the straightforward, flexible, expertly-delivered weeding and pruning services you need for any garden.

What Your Weeding and Pruning Services Give You:

  • A team of two highly trained professional gardeners who’ll work to your list of weeding and pruning instructions
  • All of the lightweight bespoke tools needed to deliver the trimming that promotes healthy plant growth
  • Vetted and experienced local gardening experts who work under full insurance cover
  • Customer support services staffed 24 hours a day, so you can always call to get in touch
  • Convenient appointments on offer seven days a week – even on Bank Holidays!
  • A free, no-obligation quote on your needs delivered upfront
  • The removal of up to 120 litres of garden waste included for free!

What’s Included in Your Appointment

This is an hourly-based service for weeding and pruning where you set the tasks you want us to complete, and the amount of time we have to complete them in. We’ll be able to quickly assess your garden – and whether the time you’ve booked is enough – during your initial onsite consultation with your team of two professional gardeners.
Once you’ve confirmed your quoted rate, your gardeners will get to work. Our other clients have asked us to:

  • Weed and clear flower beds
  • Care for vegetable patches to make sure all produce is growing healthily
  • Provide regular care for allotments
  • Prune bushes and shrubbery to encourage healthy growth
  • Deliver precise topiary shaping

So just let us know what you require! This service is suitable for both commercial and domestic properties.

If you need stump grinding, lawn mowing, or any of our other services, it’s well worth booking them at the same time. We’re pleased to offer money with many multi-service orders.